I hate talking about myself, and I love talking about myself. I love it when I’m alone and pretending to be interviewed by Jimmy Fallon. I hate it when someone asks me a personal question and I’m suddenly aware of the prospect of being judged by my answer.

I’m not even sure what you would want to know about me, and I seriously often worry that I’m big headed and stuck on myself, so . . .

How about I just give you a short list of facts:

Over 40 but hoping no one notices.

Have two amazingly talented and beautiful daughters who also happen to be wonderful friends.

My husband is my very best friend, a wonderful dancer, and my dashing prince who rescued me. (Some fantasies come true.)

I wrote a novel, Through the Balustrade, about a girl with a special ability who thinks she’s a freak and wants to be invisible, but instead has to face her fears and believe in love.

I’m working on novel 2, Into the Oblivion (working title).

I blog (Ponderings –check it out!).

I dance (whenever no one’s looking).

I can’t sing. (something about changing keys, but I don’t know what my keys have to do with it.)

My favorite number is 11

My favorite color is yellow.

And I’m a child of the living God, saved by grace, created with a purpose, and looking for eternity. Now let’s get off of this page and see what else is going on!  Click on a link below to check out more pages!

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