(Out of the Fantasy continued)

I took the biggest risk I’d ever taken in my life.  sunriseforfantasy

I told the truth.

I shared my pain.

I took one little step, and I found the arms of the almighty lover of my soul surrounding me, guiding me into life.

His presence wasn’t obvious at first, what with all my crying and hurting and knowing this wasn’t going to work. But he was patient, and now I am free.

If you’re on this journey too, then come along with me. I write stories. Stories about moving from one place to another. Stories about messed up and broken characters who can’t fix themselves. Stories about the journey of faith, hope, and love. Stories about being free and living life instead of merely wishing for it.

It’s a grand new world—this reality I live in, and it stretches into eternity.

“The night is nearly over. The day is almost here.” 

May we put aside those things that hold us back, so we can grab hold of him who gives us life.

Click on the picture links below to find out more about my writing, speaking, and me.  


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