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Moving Forward and Trying to Not Hold Back

Sometimes I want to dance around the room or sidewalk or store, but instead I hold back. I’m not a dancer. I’d like to be, but my age, lack of coordination, and anchor to reality prohibit me. Of course, I still sometimes have the quiet urge to

Mark One Off the Bucket List – I Met Os!

Tonight I went to hear Os Guinness speak. It was everything I thought it would be. Brilliant. Inspiring. Thought-provoking. And kind of challenging to my brain. He spoke about the Reformation, Covenant, and government. It was a lot more than

Broken and Messed up – It’s Time to Shine

I broke my phone. I didn’t even notice the tiny fissure snaking its way from the bottom right up toward the center. Someone else pointed it out to me. “Isn’t that a crack?” they asked without much care, as if the news wouldn’t bother

Updates, Plans, and Perspective

Updates What’s your perspective on the next 10 Years? This isn’t the original blog I wrote for today. The original one is about me not holding back and getting out of my comfort zone to experience life. But I’ll have to hold that one back


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